recupative care


Recuperative care

Recuperative care services are available to eligible Minnesota Health Care Programs
(MHCP) members experiencing homelessness to help prevent hospitalizations; or
provide medical care and support services when they are unable to recover from a
physical illness when living in a shelter or they are otherwise unhoused. MHCP
members receive recuperative care services when they don’t need to be hospitalized
or remain hospitalized, or don’t meet severity of illness for other levels of care.


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To be eligible for recuperative care services, an MHCP member must be:

  • 21 years or older if they have Medical Assistance, or 19 years or older if they have
  • experiencing homelessness or are unhoused
  • in need of short-term medical care for fewer than 60 days
  • in need of assistance with the following covered services.

MHCP covers the following recuperative care services

  • Basic nursing care including monitoring physical health and pain level
  • Wound care
  • Medication support
  • Patient education
  • Immunization review and update
  • Clinical goals development for the recuperative care period and discharge plan
  • Care coordination including initial assessment of medical, behavioral and social needs
  • Care plan development
  • Support and referral assistance for legal, housing, transportation, case management and community social services
  • Support and referral assistance for health care benefits, health and other eligible benefits
  • Care plan implementation follow-up and monitoring
  • Medical, social and behavioral (counseling and peer support) services that can be provided in the recuperative care setting